Teak Maintenance


1. When should I use Golden Care TeakShield ?
TeakShield puts an almost invisible protective filter onto the wooden surface, which prevents food stains (coffee, ketchup, red wine) rapidly penetrating the teak. Teakshield also protects teak against moisture and the penetration of dirt and algae growth, resulting in a natural silver platinum gray color.

2. Can I use Golden TeakShield on new teak ?
Yes, Before you use TeakShield on new teak, it is recommended to slightly sand down the furniture and then use a damp cloth to make it dust free. If you have already sanded the untreated furniture, remove all the dust and leave the furniture to dry. You can find further instructions on the bottle.

3. How Often should I apply TeakShield?
We recommend treating your teak with TeakShield at least once a year. Tabletops should be treated more often. (depending on frequency of use)

4. Golden TeakShield is water-based. Does this mean that the product dries very slowly?
Although Golden TeakShield is water-based it will dry rapidly. After you have applied the first layer you need to wait for about four hours before you can apply the second layer. In a humid climate the drying process can take a bit longer. After you have applied the second layer, you have to wait 48 hours before using the furniture. Because TeakShield reacts to the moisture in the air, the protection reaction will be fully completed after 1 week.

5. How can I remove TeakShield from the wood?
Golden Teak Cleaner can remove TeakShield. If necessary, the wood can be slightly sanded after drying.

Untreated teak is relatively maintenance free, for additional protection, you can use TeakShield. You can clean it with a dry or slightly damp cloth. You can clean spots from agressive products like nail polish etc. with a piece of sandpaper grain 150 or 180.